Tent app available now

Start living crypto as it was your standard money.

Digital wallet for daily use

Seamless buying, selling, storing and using crypto in your daily life.

Use crypto

Use maximum of on and off ramps to blur difference between bank fiat and crypto worlds.

Have maximum control over your funds

Seamlessly switch between TENT custodial and non-custodial wallet where no third party can access your funds.

Get best exchange rates

Active users are permanently airdropped with utility tokens INTENT to cut down the fees and exchange rates

Let all barriers of crypto eliminated...

Not only you can pay with Mastercard card  in millions of shops worldwide

Link flexibly wide range of cryptocurrencies to your card

Use stablecoins to protect against fluctuation

KYC non needed unless you apply for TENT payment card

  1. More levels of managing your crypto - custodial - self custodial in one wallet. We will also allow attaching your accounts at external exchanges directly into TENT wallet.
  2. Fees construct permanently incentivising active users on regular basis = lowering the fees via INTENT true utitility token.
  3. Stablecoins to avoid volatility.
  4. Linking Mastercard card to any of your cryptocurrency in your wallet and paying without need for pro-active conversion.

Currently we offer most frequently used cryptocurrencies, with introducing alternative tokens and other intereseting digital investments soon.

You can protect against volatility by using USDT, USDC or EUR internal unit pegged to EUR [EURTENT]

We tried to keep fees as simple and transparent as possible. See our fees and limits here.

You can send crypto directly to your TENT wallet, top up via payment gateway or via IBAN transfer.  *TBC

Sending crypto from/to depends on speed of selected blockchain (no delay on our side). Card topups are processed near real time. Bank transfers take .......*TBD