INTENT - a true utility token

INTENT is the utility token of TENT ecosystem, returning value to all TENT users through discounted fees


Active users of TENT ecosystem are credited with INTENT based on usage of TENT services

Lower or zero fees

INTENT holders enjoy automatically and immutably calculated lower fees and improved swap rates

Polygon network

INTENT is a publicly tradeable Polygon token.

Substantial value

INTENT value is backed by money pool dedicated for distribution back to TENT user.

INTENT token roadmap

INTENT  – native token cutting fees to TENT users

Get INTENT token

Active TENT users will be airdropped with INTENT token regularly…starting 1Q 2023

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Utilize your INTENT

Hold your INTENT tokens to lower your fees to zero.


Make additional profit by selling your airdropped INTENTs.


Buy INTENT and predict growth of its substantial value.

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EURTENT - internal token against volatility

Within the TENT ecosystem, we use EURTENT. A Polygon token protecting TENT users from crypto volatility.