Everyday crypto & digital asset control

Seamlessly connecting traditional & digital finance assets. Bringing them together under one…TENT.


Create account and start trading in 5 minutes.


Enjoy low and transparent fee structure.


Funds protected by insurance and firewalled storage.

A digital wallet for daily use

Use crypto in your daily life

Buy, swap, sell, deposit, hold & spend via payment gateway, crypto or bank transfers and our true crypto Mastercard.

Store all assets with flexibility and security

Balance crypto assets between custodial, non-custodial & external storages within one TENT wallet.

Hold, swap and trade instantly

Wide range of supported digital currencies including stablecoins to reduce volatility.

The only crypto card you need

TENT Mastercard offers flexible, secure, real world access to digital assets without swapping between fiat & cryptocurrency.

Pay in millions of shops worldwide

or online with stablecoins and cryptocurrencies.

Immediate Free Virtual card

usable online and soon with ApplePay and Google Pay.

Cross-border availability

with immediate shipping to any EU location.

Wide range of cryptocurrencies

TENT wallet is designed to access wide range of cryptocurrencies

Play with your crypto holdings

Attach any of your cryptocurrencies in TENT to your card

Trade instantly

Trade instantly any of the available cryptocurrencies

Easily available

Download and use the Tent wallet freely without KYC

Supported tokens and assets

TENT supports the main cryptocurrencies & digital assets, with more added constantly.

Top cryptocurrencies, tokens & altcoins


Digital assets such as NFTs (*soon)

TENT Card for daily payments

Pay flexibly with any of cryptocurrencies in your portfolio

Send directly crypto and pay in millions of shops in Europe

Low fees when loading in directly crypto

KYC only for card users

Tent Wallet is free to download from either Apple iStore and Android Google Play.

The TENT card is a daily usage crypto card, enabling you to spend your crypto as cash without the need to exchange to fiat, usable anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

You use the TENT card exactly as a standard payment card. Simply ensure you have linked it with a selected crypto currency, then card is prepaid and conversion to fiat is made immediately on point of sale in the spending amount.

We tried to keep them as simple as possible. Simple and motivating for active users. See TENT fees here.

You do not have to complete KYC to download the TENT Wallet, but you will need to complete some basic KYC to apply and use TENT card.

TENT wallet is freely available to all users through Apple iStore and Android Google Play across Europe* .

TENT card can be shipped to Europe customers, except Switzerland.

TENT wallet combines top security features for all custodial wallets, yet users are free to use the self-custodial wallet to protect their private keys separately from TENT systems.

TENT systems is operated by TENT group - TENT Europe, s.r.o. and TENT Corporation SE, registered in EU, with 5+ years on the payment market.

TENT token (called INTENT) will be freely distributed to most active users on permanent basis. 

Apart from OTC trades, INTENT also will be available on secondary markets to wide public.

  • TENT wallet full  whitelabel 
  • Crypto payment gateway as a service
  • Affiliate program for business partners